Waluigi took a look at Lolo's puzzles, but individually they seem pretty incomplete...

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Wait a second... There's something off with these clues.

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Spanish ghost word for "the"

A Riemannian space or line you fill in on a document

Linear extra-dimensional momentum's rotational analogue

Underdog, Eeyore, and Dumbo can do this

The Tarot sign symbolized by one horizontal line on another

In identity economics, it may be "deadweight"

How Norse people may refer to an inhabitant of Sappho's home

The glutamic amino acid with a namesake zipper motif

A spooky thing we may live by, per George Lakoff

"Ego", "hoop", and "age" may follow this word to make new words

Xanthippe Olivier husband

A lettuce size that's not quite extra

Departed, drunk, or remaining

The anomalously average distance travelled by a moving particle between collisions

Liquid nitrogen measure in the UK

In Etta E.L. James' titles, a recurring number

A Xhosa term that can mean "fashionable" or "at home"

A time quantity you can measure with a Henry

It's royally the duration of something

An Anabaptist essayist wrote one for Raymond Sebond

Greetings... Wait, what are we searching for?

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Lolo's been tweeting from many different countries. But does he even speak their language?

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These are some pretty strange "Adventures of Lolo 3" levels...

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Level 1: Key

Level 2: Sty

Level 3: Zero to Hero

Level 4: Broken Diagram

Level 5: Tap

Level 6: Follow

Level 7: Real Nice Aminos