Updates / Errata

Wrap-up available! The hunt wrap-up is now available. 06/13/21 17:49
Hunt has ended! Puzzle solutions are now available. Stay tuned for the wrap-up coming later this week! 06/06/21 19:00
Meta-puzzles labeled

All meta-puzzles have been prefixed with META: to make this more clear.

05/29/21 16:17
Congrats to substituTE MArio!

Congratulations to substituTE MArio for being the first team to finish the hunt! WAH!

05/29/21 14:23
Errata for Puzzle: Wah-gyu Stakes

The copy-paste sheet for Disco Bandit contained extra blanks in the enumeration for the second grid. This has been fixed to match the website.

05/29/21 11:39
Prologue is available! The prologue is now available. It is not a puzzle either. 05/23/21 18:24
Registration is open!

This is not a puzzle.

04/09/21 19:32