Wah-wwa Wia

That young and sweet pony is really having the time of her life.
This tattoo will remind you of our haunted arias when we've said goodbye.
There are 525,600 explanations for why I adore you.
It's simple: in nature’s book, bears need oxygen to survive.
I wanna get wealthy streaming games, but the only good signal is on the roof.
Certain as the sun will rise (and where it rises).
It sounds like the beating of your heart is coming from the top of a French church spire.
Every turn I take, whether at sea or home on the island, I always end up with gambling debt.
When I'm feeling sad, I look at brown paper packages from my past romantic dalliances.
Even if I have to revise my numbers, I want to be the greatest golf man.
I can take you on a magic carpet ride... with sheep.
I need something to help me catch the frozen fractals all around.
Where Burr wants to be when he works from home.
Soarin' and flyin' is fun and all, until your back is sore the next day.
Oh yes, oh yes, my Illinois cellmate and I both tried to contact Mother Teresa.
I hope you're happy, because it's hard to fly above it all when your tooth is turning black.
For regal cats, is it amore or a moray?