META: O Bro, Where Art Thou

This was it. Each character in the current roster submitted an initial move list to Waluigi, who was in the process of reviewing them. These move names don't seem to make much sense. How puzzling...

His work was interrupted with a knock on his fancy new office door.

"Come in!"

A lone Hammer Bro on the staff walked in, carrying an envelope (maybe that made him an Envelope Bro instead). “Hey, I’ve got a message from your brother.”

Waluigi sighed. “Well, let’s see it.”

The Hammer Bro handed over the envelope, which Waluigi quickly tore open. He immediately recognized the reckless handwriting.


I found this storybook hiding in plain sight in our living room, bro. I’d never bothered to read it before because reading’s for nerds, but it turns out this story occasionally gets... kinda weird. Figured it'd be good to give it a look, bro.

Anyway, hope your game is going well. See you later, bro!


“This buffoon needs to seriously improve his vocabulary. And why do I care about stories anyway?” Waluigi crumpled up the letter and tossed it away.

Well, time to make sense of all these movelists. He braced himself, as it seems there were... multiple methods to extract information out of this nonsense. Three, to be precise.

"What a mess... What should I consult in times like these?"